Even for choice of the best deposit method there are some points which should be considered. The most important of them for your decsision should be:

  • Duration/Effort for the deposit
  • Payment fees
  • Security

We introduce to you the most common depositmethods and evaluate them on the basis of our experience. One tip beforehand: We recommend payments via E-Wallet.


The probably best-known mehod for deposits in internet are creditcard. Visa and Mastercard are almost widely accepted. Rare gambling companies offer payments with American Express or Diners Club cards aswell.

The payment itself is done by submitting the cardnumber, the confirmationcode and usually is processed within seconds. Some companies require another additional verification of the payment or of the cardholder. On average the fees for payment are 2% of the deposited amount, dependent on the used provider. Unfortunately creditcards are a rather insecure mean of payment.

Visa logo mastercard logo


E-Wallets (electronic wallets) require a registration at the site of the ewallet provider in the forefront of the first payment. The widest accepted of them are Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller and Click&Buy. The next step is a transfer of funds to the E-wallet account, a so called "load". The funds on e-wallet account can now be used for payments to internet companies. For the payment itself you need the the login data of your E-Wallet account only.

As E-Wallets are fast, almost 100% secure and in most cases free of charge, we clearly prefer this depositmethod.

skrill neteller click&buy


Voucher / Prepaidcards:

Paysafecard, Ukash or Ticked Premium are so called Voucher or prepaidcards payment methods. In the forefront of a payment using one of these, the voucher has to be bought in a shop first. Typical places, which offer them are tobacconists, petrol stations or shops for electronical equipment. The actual payment works fast and simple, by entering two numbers, which can be found on the actual voucher or invoice. Deposits using these voucher systems are quite secure and in most cases free of charge for the user.

It is heard often, that this mean of payment is completely anonymous, but this is not true, as you have signed up the account at your gambling provider with your (hopefully) correct personal details anyway.

ukash paysafecard



An ordinary bank transfer is ordered to your provider of luck or skillgames. For making sure the receiver is able to identify your payment correclty, and credits it to your account correctly you enter a certain code, which can be found on your betting account, in the reference field of bankwire.

If there are any charges, and how much they are depends on the conditions of your bank account. The biggest disadvantage for this deposit method is, the long duration until you can use the transferred funds for entertainment at your favourite brand. Banktransfers to foreign companys can last up to two weeks, until the money is available. The biggest advantage of this method is, that it is quite secure.


"Fast" Banktransfer

There are many different forms of a "fast" banktransfer, most of them are using a form, that requires details of your netbanking access. The payment is verified with another security code, which can be found on a list provided by your bank, or is directly sent to your mobile phone. There are different services for almost every bank and every country. The probably best known of them are Smart2pay and ....-

With our experience we can state that this payment is relatively secure, but in case something goes wrong, a potential missuser might get access to your bank details, which might have catastrophic results.