About the Pokerroom:
Pokerstars is the indisputable  Nr.1  in the online poker business with an average of daily 22.000 real money poker players. Recently Pokerstars took over the former Nr. 2 Fultilt Poker.

Offered Service:
The centerpiece of Pokerstras is their software. You can open as much tables you want and can also change the format of the tables. All kinds of poker games are offered, beside the classics like Omaha or Texas Holdem, Pokerstars is also offering a Speedpoker-Version so called “ Zoom-Poker”.
Pokerstars has one of the best loyality programs. You can win real money but also a buy-in for different  tournaments with a price pool of more than $1.000.000.

Currently Pokerstars is offering a 100% first deposit bonus up to $600,00

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