• Choose the poker brand, which has the most attractive offer and the cheapest fees for the kind of games you prefer. There is nothing wrong with trying more than one provider before you decide which fits your needs best
  • Even a good hand can loose. Never hang on to an already beaten hand - its the most expensive mistake you can make.
  • In Cash Games: In case you realize that there are many excellent players on your table: simply change the table.
  • Hint for tournaments: Check before signing up for a tournament, whether you have enough time to end it.
  • For Starters: Better play less hands. One ace in your starting hand for example doesn't necessarily mean that the hand is good. An overview, which hands should be played can be found in our "beginner strategy"
  • If you have a good starting hand, don't wait and raise pre-flop.
  • A common mistakes of beginners: If there are 3 or 4 Cards suited among the community cards and you don't have a flush: Better don't spend anymore funds in the hand, it is very likely another player has the flush already.

General Hints for responsible Gaming

  • Set your personal limit how much money you would like to use for playing before you even start. Don't raise this amount while you are playing. Most providers offer you possibilities to limit your deposits - Use them, it is not a sign of weakness, but of responsible Gaming.
  • Never play, when you are fuming, euphoric or in other extreme mood.
  • Check before registration, if your chosen brand is reputable. A simple check for unknown providers is whether links to responsible gaming and mediation bodys, such as Ecogra are visible..